The Grill

Have you seen The Grill

At the newly renovated Fishers Marketplace on Fulton Drive?

Burger of the Month – NOVEMBER

“Christmas Burger”

– Great Lakes Christmas Ale Glaze Burger

– Smoked Gouda

– Pickled Daikon Radish

– Onion Straws

– Arugula

Veggies of the Month – DECEMBER

Portabella Mushroom Cap

The Grill is food made fresh to order, showcasing the best quality from some of our favorite brands in-store– like our 100% grass-fed burger served on a Fishers made from scratch bakery bun with options of toppings like cheddar cheese and bacon from Applegate!
Simply grab a menu from The Grill, fill in your name, and indicate which items and toppings you would like to order.


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